March 9, 2010

Interweb Inspiration and Finds

I love it when you have an hour or so to just cruise the web with no particular destination in mind, and just follow links with the frivolity and spontaneity of a road trip. Today I found some inspiration from a couple of my usual daily reads: the fantastic Purl Bee, and the funky-fresh CraftZine.

This lampshade looks like fun, and is giving me all sorts of ideas for how I can make my own....Also over at the CraftZine blog, I found this PostCarden, which is a refined replacement to the tragically tacky Chia Pet:

There's so much goodness over at CraftZine, I'll let you head over there to decide which project to do for stop: the Purl Bee. Oh how I love the Purl Bee, ever inspiring me with endless possibilities for new media to work with, and delicate, stylish execution of said media. Like this stunning sashiko tote:

While at the Purl Bee, a button on the sidebar caught my eye for mixtapezine...I love mix tapes, music, and the type of people passionate enough about both to make a business of it - so I clicked my way on over. It did not disappoint. Not only is the zine and blog about music, it sneaks an awful lot of playtime for crafty goodness. It was tough to pick just one thing to show you, but I decided on this gorgeous garden hex quilt:

And before I had to run off to the Post Office, the Grocery Store, and who knows what other exciting locales a domestic goddess such as myself may visit in a day - there was one more link luring me to stay online just a little while longer. And I'm so glad it called to me like a beacon in a storm, the button for Home Ec, quite possibly the hippest craftiest shop this side of the Mississippi. A visit to LA may well be in order, if only to visit this shop; but I'll definitely be getting this online meanwhile:


cabin + cub said...

oh, i am loving that lamp shade.. such a cute idea.
hmmm.. i am looking at a blank shade i have now....

stitchntyme said...

I love love love the PostCarden! Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

I LOVE the lamp shade and could just see the reaction if I wore the tee. lol.