March 17, 2010

a.e. wilder GIVEAWAY Winner!

Good Morning, Sunshines! 

That was an exciting giveaway for my blog - and I am so touched for Abigail by all of the incredibly lovely comments you've had for her. I'm putting together a little document with all of those sweet little nothings from you dear, darling readers - so that she can turn to it if she's ever feeling down, uninspired, or whatever - how we artists get.

Meanwhile, using (a truly cool Interweb find for the math dork in all of us), we've haphazardly determined the winner! 

MARCH 10, 2010 3:44 PM  
 Emily said...
I love the placements and would love the Elephant pencil case!

I will be contacting you by email today, Emily - in the event you aren't religiously and faithfully reading the blog.

For those of you that didn't win this giveaway - don't despair, 

those sweet pencil cases are only $10 a pop; and Abigail has extended the secret sale to my readers! Just type "ELANVITAL" at the Message to Seller for an additional 15% off. 

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