March 16, 2010

Get Your Green On!

With minimal effort, I was able to find some fairly sweet deals on Etsy for St. Patrick's Day. Alas, if you are reading this now, it is of little benefit to you to know that there are some amazing vintage finds out there in shade of kelly green, or bedazzled with shamrocks. Still, in good fun...a few of my favorites from my perusal of Etsy last night:

This last one probably requires some explanation: it's an original, found in it's packaging, 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Staff Windbreaker. It would look so much better on a cool girl than this guy, in my opinion. But it's still badass. Sorry I didn't even take the time with sources for this post. If you need to have, heart, or hold any of these sweet finds - just use the Etsy Search box, type "St Patricks", and drop-down to Vintage. I looked in Home Decor and Clothing. Who knows what other amazing Kelly Green finds there are to be scavenged within the pages of Etsy.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish! 

PS - I just came across this hip desktop wallpaper and had to add:


PSS - Don't forget tonight at the stroke of Midnight (I'm on the West Coast of North America, and feel silly admitting that due to Daylight Savings Time {and just who exactly is this lost hour of sleep saving?!} I'm not sure whether it's PST/PDT); nevertheless, at the stroke of Midnight - the aewilder giveaway will turn into a pumpkin and the winner will be chosen tomorrow. 

Thank you so very much to all who have entered, and the lovely comments you've made about Abigail's art and charming shop. As well, thank you for subscribing to my blog - and participating in it with your comments. If you're new here - you might not have seen this post: Note To Reader. It's for all of you.



Maria Isabel said...

I will be ricking a cool green shirt tomorrow!And I'm crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

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Awesome post !!!

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