March 20, 2010

Eco-Clean How-To Week: The Agenda

Naturally you're just dying to know how this week of spring cleaning, handmade, eco-conscientiousness will unfold. And I don't blame you - we all have busy lives - and knowing when you have to tune in and when you can maybe skip it is important. For those of you who still haven't bought in to the whole "eco-friendly" thing, I encourage you to stick around. Not because I'm trying to convert all of you;

but because one thing that doesn't always get made clear about "eco-friendly" is that it's not just good for the environment. When it's handmade (homemade products) you're cleaning with - it's great for your wallet. And everyone these days can jump on that wagon.
  • Sunday, 3/21: Cleaning Living Areas: Living Rooms, Workspaces, Etcetera - the tips and tricks to make this process as quick and simple as possible.
  • Sunday, 3/21: The recipes you need for these areas: All-purpose Surface Cleaner, Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaner, Carpet & Rug Deodorizer; the best tools for these tasks.
  • Sunday, 3/21: Information about Indoor Air Pollution, tracking pollutants inside, and how to reduce both.
  • Monday, 3/22: A day dedicated to Cleaning the Kitchen: Handwashing Dishes, saving water - and getting them CLEAN, degreasing surfaces, cleaning and deodorizing your refrigerator and your microwave. 
  • Monday, 3/22: The recipes you need to your kitchen sparkling clean: Dish Soap, Surface Degreaser, Basic Floor Mop, Hardwood Floor Mop, Cake Frosting Soft Scrub, Drain De-Clogger
  • Monday, 3/22: How to make your whole house smell delicious with ingredients from your spice cabinet, produce drawer, and garden!
  • Tuesday, 3/23: A simple day covering the most dreaded room in the house to clean: the bathroom. I'll share with you my favorite tools and techniques - and advise which recipes are appropriate for which jobs. 
  • Wednesday, 3/24: Wednesday is Laundry Day at Eco-Clean How-To Week. First we'll start with a post of recipes for handmade laundry detergent, fabric softener, ironing water/linen refresher.
  • Wednesday, 3/24: I'll be celebrating Laundry Day with a look at some of my favorite handmade solutions to eco-friendly laundry: clothespin aprons, felted wool dryer balls, lavender dryer sachets.
  • Wednesday, 3/24: A Giveaway for all my beloved readers for a set of lavender dryer sachets made by me!
  • Thursday, 3/25: A complete overhaul of the bedroom(s) as well as the windows of the house - inside and out. Most recipes have been covered in previous days posts, so we'll mostly be covering all of the really fun stuff like flipping mattresses, freshening things know...the fun stuff. Ugh.
  • Friday, 3/26: Little eco-cleaning extras like super stain removers, eco carpet cleaning, reminder of basics cleaning kit list (plus a little surprise extra!)
  • Friday, 3/26: Yeah! You're done and your house is so clean! DIY Self-Cleanse Bath Recipe for you to treat yourself.
  • Friday, 3/26: Etsy Featured Seller: GardenofHolly and GIVEAWAY for Organic Protective Hand Creme.
That's all folks - that's the entire week outlined thus far. I've got a few other things in the works, but I can't promise anymore than what you see here so far. At this point, I can promise you a damn clean house and a sense of accomplishment and pride in doing it all handmade!