March 2, 2010

Staying in the Lines

                                                                                                       Source: We Heart It
For at least the better part of ten years, I have longed for a zebra rug. Not an actual zebra hide, mind you. That would go entirely against the grain of my morality; and, conveniently, the semblance of a dead animal on my floors is not exactly my desired aesthetic. Through countless moves from the dwellings of my twenties, to the nestings of my family roost to-date, the catalog stalkers have hunted me down and taunted me with images of furniture and accessories I could not afford. Thankfully, most often - I wouldn't even want the latest catalog trend - and wow! there are a lot. But in this past decade, there has been one trend that won't go away: the zebra rug - and that's just okay with me. 

It's just such a versatile piece of decor, that I predict it will stand the test of time and be a valuable investment for every interior. I can see us all growing tired of our color schemes, certain furnishings, maybe even artwork - and the great thing about the zebra rug is its versatility. Those bold, graphic, sweeping lines of sepia and ivory like shadows on a dune; those lines lend themselves to any color scheme, and anchor any interior style.

These are some excellent examples I've found across the web of the adaptability of the zebra rug: here seen in a monochromatic mid-century modern interior, a feminine contemporary decor, neutral classic scheme, eclectic complementary color scheme, a modern masculine complementary scheme, and a global design scheme. Succinctly, the zebra rug works. It ties a room together, and it crosses all major styles and schools of design.

Above is the Zebra Rug available at West Elm. It is by far my favorite for the price; but there are so many available, including a sweet printed cotton version at Urban Outfitters. And if you want to balance your room with some bold, graphic lines; but animal prints just aren't your thing, you might try something like this:


Maria Isabel said...

Interesting. I had never considered animal prints for home decor, but those pictures make it appealing. I get why you want one now.

Sarah said...

to be honest, i;ve never been a big fan of animal prints. but you show how to make it work!

Tara said...

Thanks to you both : )

I'm not an animal-print lover either - just can't get enough of those dramatic lines. In any event, I'm tickled pink to make a case for the zebra rug!

CMonsterC said...

I love zebra print! awesome post :)