March 8, 2010

A Quiet Mind?

This afternoon, after a successful morning of working - I felt like taking a nap with my adorable little daughter. Now that she's in her big-girl bed (read: crib), I figure I've only got so many of these lazy afternoons left - so I'd better take full advantage of them. Trouble was, once I rest my weary head to my pillow, my mind began to stir. 

Thoughts took flight like a chaotic flock of seagulls, dipping and diving through my brain - each one showing only a glimpse of its wing before the next appeared.

It really was a mess. I thought about:

  • Contacts, schedules, and articles for the "Eco-Clean How-To Week"
  • Finishing some of my crafty projects already, like my sexy adult version of these baby blocks

          from Rachel Denbow's tutorial at Smile & Wave (I just can't WAIT to show y'all those!)
  • Starting an indoor herb garden for my kitchen and my Julia Child moments
  • A super-cute design for dust cloths (yes, I've got cleaning on the brain, over here!)
  • How I should stop thinking about all of this and enjoy the nap with Marley.
  • How I should get off my ass and at least do one of these things.
  • How I should just blog about this.
There were probably at least a hundred other thoughts fluttering by like so many butterflies, too flimsy to catch and keep. But at least I caught one of those thoughts and settled on it, huh? 

Yeah for Me!

If you've got some secrets for how to quiet a busy mind, please share them with me - obviously, I could use some help in this area. And if you've got the same problem - let me know - misery loves company!


handmade charlotte said...

very nice post....

mickstonedesigns said...

No tips on how to quiet a busy mind. Mine wakes me up every night at about 2:30 a.m. At least you're not worried about meetings and deadlines. This is why I started my Etsy Shop - to replace my thoughts with happy jewelry thoughts.