March 11, 2010

Oooh...I'm telling! Five Things You Didn't Know About Me...

Inspired recently by Elsie Cake's recent post "Friday Night Secret Telling Party", which was inspired by this cool chick's similar-themed post...I decided I would share some things about myself with you that you might not know yet:

I love Wheel of Fortune, and secretly hope to be on the show and win a ton o'money!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream is second to none, runners up being mint chip and pistachio. Everything else may as well be vanilla.

Someday, I want a self-feeding frog (bugs totally freak me out!) - one that looks like this little guy here would suit me nicely.

All kids play fantasy role-playing know, Cops and Robbers, Princess Dress-Up, etcetera. I was the weird kid playing out Les Miserables and Watership was always a fight between me and this one girl as to who got to be Eponine. Pure dorkiness, I know.

On my own little 'bucket list' (doesn't everyone have one?), I have: learn to play the cello - and I definitely wouldn't mind learning on a gorgeous glossy red one like this:

I took piano lessons in fourth grade, but they went about as well as if I were learning on a piano like this:

What are your secrets? I hope you'll share some with me - and you can always take the dare and share on your blog - it's kinda fun!


PS - Don't forget to check out the Interview with a.e.wilder + GIVEAWAY!


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Cute post! I love your Les Mes secret - I definitely played Les Mes and Phantom of the Opera as a kid, haha. I guess I was weird, too!

Montagyoo said...

love it!

jenjems said...

Hey I want to learn to play the cello too! When I was in third grade I learned to play the violin but quit after the 7th grade. The one thing my parents told me that really did come true..."you will regret this decision when you get older" and I really do.

jenjems said...

Oh and I used to have frog that looked just like that. His name was "Cassidy" as in Hop Along Cassidy and I too have a MAJOR bug issue!