March 23, 2010

Eco-Cleaning: The Bathroom (My Least Favorite)

We can all admit it, no one likes cleaning this room. It's generally yucky - with bits of funk I don't even want to describe. Fortunately for you, you may have already begun to tackle this funky chicken of a room with some of the recipes you've been supplied with already. 

I realized all that's left from yesterday's recipe list, which is applicable to your toilets, sinks, and tubs as well is the all-natural drain de-clogger. Do you remember when you were a kid, there was the erupting volcano experiment?

All you knew was that something was going to happen, but you didn't know what, and it was so exciting! Who knew unclogging that sink that's been stuck draining slow for a while now could give you (and moreover, your kids) the same thrill?!
  • First, pour one cup of baking soda down the drain
  • Then, pour one cup of distilled white vinegar (add a few drops of yellow/red drops food coloring if the kids are there)
  • After the eruption and the kiddos bubbling and squealing -- pour one pot boiling water down the drain to finish it off.
  • Flush, or turn the water on - you'll be amazed at how the water flows now!
Here's a great great antiseptic soap solution for you and the kids (triclosan is the key ingredient in those antibacterial soaps); and not only does it work, it's really bad for you because it kills the good germs too:
  • In an 8 oz squirt bottle, fill bottle with purified water, leaving about an ounce. Add 1.5 tbsp of baby-scent castille soap, and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Gets hands clean, and gets rid of bad germs. For little ones, help them remember to wash hands long enough by singing the "ABC" song - that's about as long as it takes to really get your hands clean. Use warm water.

Cleaning the shower is no fun: there's soap scum to deal with - and possibly, mildew:

For mildew and soap scum on hard surfaces, your soft scrub and spray cleansers will do. But if  you have shower curtains and liners - you'll need to wash those. The curtains can likely be laundered in the machine; but you'll probably need to take that liner outside, and either scrub it down or spray it and then scrub. Or both. 

Now, onto the tools of the trade:
  • A natural bristle brush
  • Recycle your old toothbrush, don't throw it out (just boil before using) - it's great on grout and the metal sleeves for shower doors; and really just about any other disgusting little crevice.
  • Bucket with sponge and warm water to wipe away any excess baking soda from your soft scrub.
  • Lint-free cloth for glass
  • Micro-fiber dust cloth


Erin said...

Cleaning the bathroom really is a daunting task sometimes. I am a sneaky suspension that mildew is growing on the surface of the roof. The all purpose cleaner for painted surfaces etal would work on that right? Or do I need a stronger mixture?

Tara said...

Hey Erin,

If you're talking about the ceiling - use a paste of baking soda, water, and tea tree essential oil. Lightly - and I mean lightly - scrub with a toothbrush. Definitely wear a mask for this activity, and follow up with your antiseptic soap spray, followed by the all-purpose cleaner.

If it's on the roof - I really can't help you with that one! ; )

Erin said...

It's totally on the ceiling. And thanks for the tips! I will get to cleaning it ASAP (it creeps me out!)