March 14, 2010

On Sleeping In

Today, I really wanted to take the day off and do just that, SLEEP. Preferably, from a gorgeous bedroom like this:

And after some time slowly waking up and perhaps even snuggling loved ones...

It only seemed right that a simple breakfast in bed should follow.

After which time, I should definitely spend some time outdoors, perhaps with a blanket and my favorite book...

But since taking all my meds for my epilepsy again

...makes me feel like this most of the day... wouldn't be long before I was doing loads of these...

And promptly found myself back in bed, like this:

But what I actually did this morning was wake up shockingly early (6:00am!) with Marley, make breakfast, throw on a pot of coffee, start some laundry, and set her up with arts and crafts. Then, my friends, I got right down to it. Today has been in my mental calendar as somewhat of a holiday for about a month now (March 14th) - because it's the launch of the Liberty of London line debut at Target. 

Now I am not usually a brand or trend-follower/maniac; but when I first saw this bicycle:

...with it's gorgeous 1960s inspired floral motif, I was hooked. What really made me sink my teeth into the prospect of such an expensive (for my budget) purchase, was that in lieu of the possible YEAR of driving suspensions put on me following my seizure, this stylish bike hardly seemed frivolous. In fact, it seems to me the only silver lining on losing my complete and total independence for the next three months to a year. Okay, I'm done complaining about that - I've got other people in my life whose ears I can bang on about that all day long if I want to. What I really wanted to tell you my friends, is that I didn't actually purchase THIS darling bicycle! It turns out that Target's holding out - they have an even more spectacular bicycle called the Darnley available for purchase now, which won't ship for another 2 - 4 weeks. It's golden, psychadelic, paisley motif is much more my style, and I figured I can hold out a bit longer (plus, for some reason, the shipping was HALF as much!).

So, if you're headed to a Target Boutique near you today, or just jumping online - don't blow your wad - Target's got more goodies stashed up their sleeves to release it seems just in time for your next paycheck.

Love you all and hope you have fun lounging, shopping, crafting, or however you decide to spend this lovely Sunday!



Maria Isabel said...

Sundays are sleepy days for me, I feel so tired just thinking about doing things, I usually spend them watching movies after Church. Sadly my little Sofia does not feel like I do about Sundays. For her they are extra messy :(

Renai said...

This entire statement has me cracking up! "So, if you're headed to a Target Boutique near you today, or just jumping online - don't blow your wad"