March 21, 2010

Eco-Cleaning: Indoor Air Quality

In cities across the world, the health of the air is monitored. Particularly in the summer, in a big city or a valley, you can see a "Bad Air Day".

We primarily can't see the air pollution in our homes, unless you're talking about those little dust faeries you catch a glimpse of in a sunbeam. Most of the pollution in our homes is either brought in from the outdoors, tracked in on our shoes and trapped by our carpeting; or is actually from the stuff our homes are made of

Three simple solutions:
  • Take your shoes off when you come home, leave them in a basket by the door, and wear a sweet, cozy pair of house slippers.
  • Make sure you're using a HEPA filter vacuum. Otherwise, you might as well do this with the contents of that vacuum bag when you're done:
  • Unless it is a "Bad Air Day" or it's freezing outside, throw open those windows - and invest in some houseplants. They keep the indoor air clean and healthy - and they're pretty.

There are many more things to be done, these are the beginnings to a healthy home. If I've missed any tips/tricks you know about - please share. Always, always, share. If you want to learn more, try first my favorite resource for this info: Healthy Child, Healthy World. You don't have to have a kid to want to have a healthy home.

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Maria Isabel said...

We get here pretty bad "Sahara dust" here during the summer, gives us all some nasty allergies too.