March 26, 2010


I love this part of the week. Everything is coming to a close, you've all been enjoying the recipes and cleaning tips; been busy little bees enjoying the spring air and ushering in the season with your new state of mind and your newfound way of eco-cleaning. We still have some more posts to come, what with the Bedroom being overdue, and a very special day of self-treats plus ANOTHER giveaway on Saturday. 

But, as a lot of you have been wondering to yourselves and aloud in your comments "Where can I find some of these basic ingredients?"...well, I've got BIG NEWS:

Okay, maybe not that big. But it came as a huge surprise to me; and will undoubtedly leave your jaw dropped...

But, this surprise giveaway will leave you feeling like a little kid on your birthday (should you win)...

And if you don't win, you are still a winner, because you will undoubtedly become more familiar with Mountain Rose Herbs, as they have generously teamed up with the EVA Blog to give one of our lucky readers a basic eco-cleaning starter kit (sans vinegar - they don't carry that)!!! Here's what you'll win:
  • 5 lb bag of Baking Soda
  • 5 lb bag of Borax
  • 16 oz Castille Soap
  • 16 0z Vegetable Glycerin
  • 1/2 oz Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
  • 1/2 oz Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 1/2 oz Organic Lemon Essential Oil
In order to be entered to win this fabulous prize, all you need to do is go visit their site; and let them know what product you'd be most interested in trying sometime (please copy & paste the link in the comments section). Also, if you aren't following/subscribed already - do so and leave your email address.

Feel free to wander through all of the product categories. For those of you who are completely new to working with bulk herbs, carrier oils, making your own teas and herbal tinctures, you might want to take a look at their Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Care, and Home, Garden & Gifts sections first. 

Extra entries are available (1 ea) for: tweet, facebook post, or blog post about this giveaway. This gives you a total of 4 possible entries!

Deadline is March 28th, 11:59PM (PST), Winner to be announced on Monday, March 29th.

If you have time while you're on their site, be sure and sign up for their newsletter - it's a bimonthly email that features timely recipes of all kinds.



Jess to Impress said...

i've never entered a giveaway before, but could not pass this chance up!

I would love to try the Tranquility Blend for my puppy dog. We adopted him from the humane society, and he has always had a nervous disposition...

I have been following your blog for a while & love it - keep up the good work! I have also linked to the giveaway on my blog here.

Maria Isabel said...

What an amazing giveaway!
I'm interested in the Essential Oils, specially the Spearmint Organic

Maria Isabel said...

I posted it on Facebook:!/?ref=logo

Erin said...

I would love to try their Invigorating Hair Oil. It sounds splendid. Nothing like a good deep treatment!

flora said...


I wonder if overseas readers can also participate?
I'm super in hope we can.
The mountain rose product I liked most, so far, is this herbal facial kit.

Thank you very much for all this information and the giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Whoot! What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for doing it!

I've left my product pick (vegetable glycerin) at this email address:

I hope it was the correct place to leave it. Also posted the giveaway on twitter and facebook.

Again, thanks so much for the giveaway - and I've added your blog to my RSS feed.


Shelby said...

I would love to try mountain rose herbs Mango Ceylon Tea! I love that it is fair trade approved :)

srobinson8561 at

Tara said...

Hey Jeff,

You'll need to leave your product pick in a comment here - but the product you would pick is actually part of the giveaway.

So, just go ahead and hyperlink the URL and leave me your email so that if you win, I can contact you.


Chacoy said...

i would love to try the herbal liniment in mountain rose;} i was diagnosed with cancer, and my arm constantly aches where they had removed the cancerous tissues.
i follow and subscribe;}
love all of the helpful hints and such for a good clean house, bedroom, and laundry{if only my laundry room was as pretty}

thanks for all of the help and info;}

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,

The particular item I'm most interested in trying is the Vegetable Glycerin. I've never tried it as a household cleaner:

I've also mentioned this giveaway on twitter and my facebook page:

twitter: @greenxebec -

facebook: Jeff Ray -!/profile.php?id=1574761460

Thanks so much for making this giveaway possible!

Jeff Ray

Miro Bezjak said...
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Miro Bezjak said...
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Zenimue said...

I'm thinking about getting the Tamanu Oil I've heard it has pain-relieving properties so I'd like to get some for a family member that has severe multiple sclerosis.

I really enjoy supporting companies that offer so many organic choices

julia said...

I'd love to try their Nourish Lotion, I'm always looking for good moisturizers.
I would really love to win this great package of supplies! I'm following on google reader.