August 15, 2009

Why I Can't Keep Politics Out

I've been so out of touch with the world at large as I focus in on my own little world of starting a business and loving my family. Today, I finally decided to check the news. My reaction: What the hell is going on in this country?! I think it would be honest for most Americans to admit to some anxiety about the State of the Union; but I can't understand why the numbers of people polled are so quick to blame Obama and jump into a frothing, racist terror suit. We spent eight years in the grip of some of the most corrupt leaders in our country's history - eating our fast food, watching American Idol" or some other inane "reality" show, being lied to by the media. Now Americans want to stand up and fight for their freedom??!! Your anger with the government and military-industrial complex is understandable. In fact, I'm glad to see most people have finally started believing they have the power. But it manifests in racism, threats to the President (who I believe, is trying to make positive changes within the system), and hateful behavior. It is not just ugly and terrorizing - it's unproductive. Get out in your communities and educate people about what's going wrong with this country, get involved in the change. No one needs a revolution of White Supremacists, thank you very much.

I swore I was going to keep this blog focused on business and craft only, but my resolve was crushed when I perused the news today. Focus America. That's the only way we can have Change We Can Believe In. Americans have sat on their duff while big business and government had a steamy affair for too long. Get off the couch and do something. Something positive - for your sake and the sake of those around you. Especially the children. Be a role model - not an ugly, screaming, hate-monger. Let's have this be the time to be proud of our Country, Americans.