August 12, 2009

Mooshoopork on Etsy - One of my Favorites!

It's funny, while chatting the other day, I came across this gal that was hilarious - not to mention talented. I LOVE her shop, Mooshoopork - full of fun wooden toys - perfect for replacing plasticy, licensed crap toys that kids are overwhelmed with. Her take on toys reminds me of Haba toys - the best toys you can buy for little ones - she uses wood and a non-toxic paints and finishes. Also, she makes great journals.

You can also check out her other shop, Little Papoose:

The dress is from Little Papoose!

1 comment:

littlepapoose said...

aww thanks so much!!
im glad you like my toys too!
and welcome to blogging.. hehe its a love hate relationship ;)