August 13, 2009

New Listings - Vintage Finds!

I'm so excited to see how my new Vintage postings do?! I have some fabulous finds, featured in my shop. The songbird paperweight is my favorite. Such a sweet desktop companion! Woke up this morning to the delightful news of sales! It's so exciting everytime someone makes a purchase - whether it's something I've designed and made, or found new life for - I feel so good!

Can I just take a minute here to say how much I appreciate my man? Always when I'm working in the morning, he's taking care of our sweet girl, Marley Skye. I can hear her giggling from across the house while Daddy tickles her or just plays Monster - her favorite game. It's a joy and a blessing that we are still both able to be home with our daughter. I love my family. Gotta go give them some love!

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