August 10, 2009

First day of Blogging

Well, well, well. Whoever said it was easy getting up and going on Etsy hasn't sold anything yet. Today I spent the morning creating ads, tweeting, chatting, posting in forums, and joining other various social networks. Tomorrow I will be reshooting half of my listings as the first round of photos was crap. I've had one sale in ten days of being a seller - so that feels good considering the economy and all. I'm learning more than I ever thought I would about marketing online. Consistently and shamelessly self promoting.
I've met a lot of talented and hilarious sellers within the Etsy community. If you're thinking of opening a shop - just know you'll meet a lot of great folks with a great willingness to share tips for success and give you feedback.

Aside from the shop, I'm still relaxed and happy from our family trip to Elk Lake yesterday! It was the first time my babygirl saw a lake, and what's more, got in it! Afterwards, we had the neighbors over for dinner - a nice couple with a newborn. I think every new parent should have a friend with a one year old - it's so beneficial for both families! New parents get advice, understanding, hand-me-downs; and those with one year old (like me) get to realize how much they've learned from their child in such a short span of time.

Playing on my iPod: Queen: Greatest Hits --- love the spirit of Freddie Merkury!
Books I'm reading: "Positive Discipline: Birth to Three", "Everything You Think You Know is Lies", "A People's History of the United States" (need some good fiction recommendations!)
Movies Just Watched: this is embarrassing..."Collateral" --- total steamer!


Elizabeth said...

It took about a month on Etsy for me to get my first sale, but that was without taking part in the community etsy offers - chat, virtual labs, etc.
A year later, I don't have many sales, but I'm getting there. I recently started getting more involved with the community and have seen my sales & views jump!
Sounds like you are doing the right things... keep on keepin' on, and your sales will follow!

Black Pumpkin said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! :D
Just read it on Twitter, and I came visiting.
Hugs, BP

Tanya said...

Wow - it took me two and a half months to make a sale! Congrats! About pics, I've reshot mine so many times it's rediculous - I doubt it ever gets easy ;)