August 22, 2009

Friday Feature

Every Friday, I am going to be posting new listings for my customers to look forward to. It's always fun to know you can go to your favorite shop each week, and find new treasures. I had that experience this week myself, at the thrift shops! There's always new goodies - and I was happy to take several home with me. These vintage rosewood burl bookends are my absolute favorite buy this week. Rosewood burl is a rare find - this specimen has gorgeous chocolate veins, with rosebrown rings, and honey hued swirls.

Approximately 10"H x 6"W x 10"L, the bookends have some definite heft to them. They're strong enough to hold up your heaviest showpiece books.


jenjems said...

I'm so completely infatuated with these...I must have them!!! I'm off to do some creative budget planning...How to hide a $175 purchase from my husband...any ideas???

Tara said...

I haven't got a clue how to hide a purchase like that - although it will be through