August 19, 2009


Part of my weekly business routine, is to go to the thrift stores, salvage yards, and antique stores combing the places for great finds. This week was particularly satisfying, as I found soooo many goodies - but also a bit frustrating as I want to keep them all for myself!

One of my favorite finds was a Beatles trading card! Ohmigod - I love the Beatles, can hardly get enough of them and their prophetic music. I never knew these trading cards existed, and they are sooo fun! On the front, there is a photo of the Beatles (all, one, or a couple); while on the backside, there is a mini-interview with one of the Beatles!! I picked up this one yesterday - be sure to read the interview with Ringo about the show in Paris - too funny.

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Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I love going to the goodwill stores and such
but I have had to cut back I am running out of room for all the stuff I keep bringing home!