August 11, 2009

Chatting on Etsy

Today, I started a chat room on Etsy in the hopes for some productive brainstorming and promotion. The chat room topic was "Eco Friendly Shops/Listings - for Sellers and Buyers". It was somewhat productive chat. While we didn't get any Buyers in the room to talk about who their favorite sellers are and why, we all went around and discussed what steps we could take as Sellers that we haven't already to be more green. One idea for an artist was to buy natural or milk paint, or to make her own vegetable dyes. Another idea was to have at least the collateral in the shop be printed on 100% post consumer paper with soy/vegetable inks.

At Elan Vital Anthology, I already have taken many steps to make sure that each product has at least two factors that make it environmentally conscientious. And I just found a printer that has great looking stuff, which is all on 100% post consumer paper with soy based inks. Check out the link to their site if you're looking to improve the impact your collateral makes. And I came up with a great idea today to solve my "free gift" issue. Etsy sellers can get 50 free business cards with photos and/or text. I'm going to have cards printed with recipes for natural cleaning products, high mercury fish to avoid, the dangers of parabens, pthalates, and SLS. I figure it's in the spirit of my shop to share what I know with my Buyers on how they can make sure their environment is healthier.

It's still a niche market to be eco friendly, environmentally responsible, or green. Whatever you call it - I want to be a part of it. Since having a daughter - my view on the future has radically shifted to preserving her future and the generations after her.

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Promoted Item from my Etsy Shop: Marshmallow Pouf Floor Pillow made with Upcycled Vintage Tablecloth and Sundress

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ShabbyNChic said...

Very important topic - I'm glad you brought it up. Sorry I missed it.