December 1, 2009

EVA in the Press and other news!

It was a good, long trip to the Bay Area to visit with family and friends over the Thanksgiving Holiday. While I was away, several really great things happened to me, which made me contemplate going away more often. Well, not really, but it's uncanny how many good things happened which I have to be thankful for: a couple of sales, (including one towards our Toys for Tots campaign), our campaign was discovered by Hotels Combined - a fabulous non-profit based out of Australia which will contribute to the non-profit of your choice simply for mentioning the program! This blurb gains us $20 towards Toys for Tots!

Also, while out of town - Elan Vital Anthology was featured in a blog, a crafting business guide, as well as being included in True North Parenting's Holiday Gift Guide! You can find an interview with me at Free Craft Fair, or learn about our giveaway winner's experience winning the herbal eye pillow at her blog: Mom of Boys with Toys.

Update: The Toys for Tots Campaign has now reached: $23.80 towards toys to be purchased and donated December 12th, $35 from Hotels Combined for Toys for Tots in our Campaign name!

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