December 18, 2009

Make Believe

Have I told you yet about the Brown Paper Package Exchange? Chances are, I haven't mentioned it. I've been so busy trying to boost my Etsy shop, that my creativity was null when it came to the gift for my recipient. Not good. I wanted to give her an Herbal Eye Pillow, but create a design just for her - this is what I started out with:

It was so 'blah' - and not very attractive.

Last night, I was looking at my latest little something I made for myself:

I find this little banner really inspiring, and I have to admit I'm proud of how great it looks. I wish the photos didn't include the kitschy furnishings and decor of my furnished rental - but for now, I'm too excited not to share. It reminds me daily to create, believe in myself, and believe in the possibilities.

As I was saying - as I gazed upon my "Make Believe Banner", it hit me! I had the perfect fix for the blase eye pillow I had made:

Think she'll like it?


Kristin said...

Of course she'll like it. It's just lovely! And that banner is so fab!

cabin + cub said...

For sure she will like it... it's so cute! and personalized too!

Tara said...

Thanks so much everyone! I just love getting feedback!

mumbot said...

Very pretty and fun!