November 18, 2009

Holiday Sales = Toys for Tots

It's been a while since I arranged a drive for Toys for Tots. In fact, I think the last time I organized something officially was a bake sale when I was in seventh grade. As the reality of this economy devastates the lives of more and more families - I feel compelled to do something again. I've decided to extend my Vintage Holiday Sale through the end of the year, and donate 100% of the sales towards purchasing gifts for children that otherwise may watch the holiday season come and go like any other time of year.

Christmas has always come in very close seconds to Halloween for me, personally. But I haven't forgotten the magic that this time of year possesses for wee ones. Whether it's at my shop, or not, be a savvy shopper and make sure your money works double-time this year - shopping for altruism is a great feeling.

Toys must be donated no later than December 12th - I will be blogging about the results of the sale - I want you to know what we can do!

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