February 3, 2010

Personal Style: Colors

So you all know I've been trying on style again lately. It hasn't been an easy task to take on, particularly in the dead of winter. I love love love color, so getting revved up with gray skies and drizzly weather is challenging to say the least. But the other day, the gray in the sky let up a little, and the snow's been melting off by 11am; and simultaneously my style has poked its way back into my life, like a little crocus popping up through the snow. Based on my earlier notes, I've established that I love layers, hiding my waistline, and vintage details. I think today's look embraces these loves, with a healthy dose of vibrance to beat the winter doldrums:

I'm wearing a sliver waxed linen mini dress from my days of Urban Outfitter lust, a purple striped cardigan (I wear this sweater more than I care to admit) from my recent desperate Gap moment, fuschia skinny jeans, vintage red floral scarf, and topaz rhinestone flower brooch found second-hand at Goodwill, my favorite funky socks (gotta love RVCA), and some cheap red buckle flats. I feel so good about this outfit - I feel like I'm somehow contemporary without being trendy - and the best part of all is that I've found new ways to work my wardrobe.

Here's a hilarious outtake from the photo shoot, which Jeff so sweetly helped me with. This was his idea:


Ms. Knitpick said...

great color combos!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Love these colors together - you look fantastic! The last photo is awesome, haha.

cabin + cub said...

oh great photo! i am loving the colours!

Anonymous said...

those colours really suit you :)
i love colour but don't have the confidence to wear it, so you get two thumbs up from me for being so brave and looking amazing :) xoxo