February 13, 2010

Miss You

Hello everyone! I haven't got a lot of time right now - I'm busy with listing some new goodies in the shop, and then will be spending the day with Marley. I just wanted you all to know (and perhaps this is too much information), that I've been missing you all, and thinking of so many things I want to share. 

For instance, I finished one of my WIP projects: a custom eye pillow for my pregnant and lovely friend, Jen. I created a custom herbal blend specifically for the needs of expecting women. If you need to feel light as a feather these days, take a look and treat yourself. At $18 USD, it's an uplifting remedy you can afford.

Also, I've been spending a lot of time this week working on my constant WIP: me. I'm constantly trying to better myself, it's been especially pertinent to me since becoming a mother. I want so much for Marley to grow up happy, healthy, and balanced - and without a huge therapist bill. Who knows how much influence any of us really have as parents towards that end - but it is one of my biggest goals in life. 

One of the most useful tools I've found recently, amongst MANY others which I hope to share with you, is the book,"Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline" by Becky A. Bailey

I found this book on super-mom Amanda Soule Blake's blog, Soule Mama. Most modern books about discipline emphasize gentle and loving discipline as a means of teaching, not punishing. This is easy enough to achieve on good days. But when everything is hectic, you're in the midst of crazy PMS, and your toddler just climbed the bookcase for the tenth time today - it can be really really difficult. So I'm sharing this book with you because it is different then most, in that it emphasizes the need for parents to FIRST gain self-control, and learn to view the world from a loving view; and THEN tackle positive discipline. Three days in and it's already working for me - in every area. And that is why I love it - it's helping me become a better person, not just a better parent. 

I hate to evangelize, but I seriously think I'd like to share some of what I've learned over the next few days. And if you're expecting - or struggling in this area - take a gander at this book. It's really good news.


cabin + cub said...

Thanks for the book tip.. we are expecting this June, so always great to get tips from other moms. ;)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love the fabric you used for the eye pillow!