November 1, 2009

Limited Edition Herbal Eye Pillows

For those of you familiar with Elan Vital Anthology, you probably already know that my bestsellers are my Organic Herbal Eye Pillows. For those of you who don't know - my herbal eye pillows are made using certified organic herbs and flaxseed. There are a variety of custom blends, each created for a specific need: unlocking the flow of creativity, sleep aide, improving concentration, etcetera. All of the herbal eye pillows are fabulous for headaches resulting from eye strain, sinus pressure and migraines. Moreover, all of the eye pillows promote rest and relaxation.

The photos above are of my two new Limited Edition Herbal Eye Pillows. The "Fly Away" pillow is made of peacock blue silk noil and cerulean blue silk satin with a chocolate brown and cloud blue cotton bird applique. The "Vintage Bouquet" pillow is made of a vintage cotton/linen blend floral with cobalt, cornflower, and chartreuse roses and daisies. Contour stitching outlines the blue roses in magenta and red threads. Brown and orange floral circles from a vintage Japanese cotton have been appliqued to create rhythm and pop. It is also backed with the cerulean blue silk satin.

Any of the Herbal Eye Pillows at Elan Vital Anthology make for an excellent gift for yourself or someone special. At only $18 each, why not treat both of you?

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