September 20, 2009

Revisiting the Copy

I'm sure I thought it would be the simplest of all tasks to revisit the titles and descriptions of my shop. Like all previous misconceptions that having an Etsy shop would be a breeze, this one didn't fail to generate more effort than I anticipated. I probably could have gotten much more done, had I a) not been a perfectionist, b) not spent time at the park with Marley (my amazing daughter), and c) had access to a computer that isn't a relic. My laptop recently had to go in for service due to some motherboard issue (thanks, HP); and I've been operating for the past several weeks on my iMac G4. This one - that's how OLD this thing is. I might as well be running my shop with a ten-key.

Anyhoo, I thought it best despite my lack of any real revisions, to let you all know the steps I've taken to start this process. First, I refreshed all heart charts, item views, etc. at CraftCult, and made PDFs of the reports. Then, I also visited Craftweasel for their wonderful tag tool and reports. More PDFs. I had to print these reports in order to have a starting point, some numbers, stats, etc. to help make sense of the results which follow.

Then, I made PDFs of each listing (being on this ancient computer, I'm sooooo glad now that I've only got 25 currently!). I have printed each listing, so that I can edit with red ink (old school, I know), readdress the tags and materials.

I suppose it won't be until tomorrow until I'm ready to revise the copy; you can click the title of the blog for a quick link to my shop and see how the listings look now vs. tomorrow.

See you there!

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