September 24, 2009

The Embarrassing Truth and Some Great Info

I've been putting off blogging for a couple of days because I feel completely embarrassed and haven't wanted to admit that I haven't updated ANY of my shop copy. Oh dear. It occurred to me last night, this would be no secret to my dear blog followers and beloved return shoppers/visitors. So I thought I should tell you all what's going on - why haven't I updated the copy? It's not that hard, right?

It all starts with me wanting to refurbish my shop. Why do I want to refurbish my shop? It feels a little schizo to me when I'm in there. I want to have a cohesive brand and several great products. My original plan was to just make whatever I love making, and throw it up there - but that plan was stalwarted by the Creative Block. I do know that I have a wonderful knack for turning ubiquitous items into treasures for the senses and spirit. I want to use that knack to specifically design, make and sell my handmade goods on Etsy.

Now that you know I've been feeling a little schizo about my shop, and its purpose - I'm sure you can agree that rewriting the copy is not easy. I'm not sure what "voice" to use - obviously my own, but which one? Now I just sound really nuts! All the while, I'm trying to study up on branding, marketing, sales - all of those important basics I completely zoomed by before setting up shop. It's a lot to take in with only a few hours to process.

But what's exciting about this process - is I'm becoming more clear about what I want to do with my shop, some designs are beginning to take shape - and the dreaded Block is starting to lift. I thought this would be a simple, step-by-step guide for my fellow Etsy sellers and anyone else starting out in e-commerce or small business to learn from. But I can't promise you that. Mine is a meandering path to the promised destination. I hope you'll stay tuned in - because along the way, I've been finding great links to share - and let's face it, my story is a bit interesting - even if schizo.

Here's the best resource I've found in a couple of days. It's a fabulous blog, called Everything Etsy, written by a husband and wife who both have Etsy shops (their kids do too!) - and they run it all from the road in their 31' motorhome! Now that's impressive.

If any of you would care to help me out with tips on the copy - I'd love to know which listing you think is best written, and which is the worst. All submissions will receive free shipping on any future purchases. Please mention "I HELPED YOU" upon purchase.

Thanks in advance - I do need some support.

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