September 24, 2009

Finally Did Something!

I'm so glad I wrote honestly to you all this morning. It made me accountable not only to myself, but to you. So, rather than completely indulge my procrastinating tendencies, I got off my duff to do something! Well, actually, I've been on my duff for a while here - updating tags and titles.

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to join AOE Team (that's Altruism on Etsy). Altruism on Etsy is a network of Etsy Sellers, who donate a portion of their sales to charitable causes and non-profits. It's a great way buyers can find where not only are they buying handmade - they're supporting a good cause doing it. So, I've had to update my tags with "aoe team" to make it easier for those buyers to find me.

In doing so, I couldn't believe some of the LAME tags I had been using from the first listing date! Obviously, as I can easily see at Craftweasel - a ton of these tags were getting NO play. So I updated my tags with adjectives suggestive of similar interests and attitudes for each piece. This was not always easy. I still would love any help from anyone who just loves giving a good Etsy shop critique!

Updating the tags led me to change a couple of the more awkward titled listings (I got lazy, and didn't do them all). And, I decided it was time to remove the buckwheat hull pillows. I think those pillows, while I 100% LOVE and vouch for them (sleep on mine every night!), were part of what was making me schizo. If you want one of those, email or convo me - comment here too.

My point here is (and I'm sorry, as I intended to be brief and concise with this post) this: perhaps if the sales aren't coming, and the analytics point to declining interest - check yourself. You know more today then when you first listed your items. Do you need to fix some weak tags, drop any listings? Get it done - I like my shop better already!

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