April 3, 2010

Today It's All About You! Show Us What You're Made Of!

Today, I have taxes and family on the brain - as well as a few other things. So it wasn't easy to come up with something for today's post...

So, I referred to my list of blog post ideas (if I don't keep one...well, you've seen how it can go here in the past with erratic posting)...and remembered, that I'm very very interested in YOU, friends.

If you're anything like me (and the simple fact that you are here, indicates a high likelihood you are) - you are also on the constant lookout for interesting blogs (and handicrafts).

There's just something about blogging...

But if you have a blog (or handmade product, tutorial, etc.), then you know, that promoting it can be a bitch. And I had this idea: 

There's a lot of us in this wee space called the EVA Blog at this point. And we have a lot of similar interests, ideas, talents, and aesthetics. Why not promote and share your blogs and whatnots here today - in the comments?!

And this way, all of the readers here can see your blog, thing-a-ma-jig, tutorial, and what-nots; and you can spend the day enjoying it with less time devoted to work.

Sound good? I hope so.


Montagyoo said...

What a lovely idea! I guess I'll be the first to share.

my blog: http://colorsnotyetinvented.blogspot.com

my etsy shop: http://montagyoo.etsy.com

Bromeliad said...

Hi. Just found you because you found me.

Yes, self-promotion is a chore.

My blog


No shop.

Tara said...

So glad you both came by.

Bromeliad - no shop - but hilarious, dry, humoured DIYs for urban living.

Thanks for stopping over!
EVA Blogger

sarah. said...

Hey isn't that funny?

I just found your blog via your comment in From Scratch, another blog I like. Turns out promoting yourself in comments can work... hope it does for me.

Your blog is lovely by the way.

I really do like this idea too!

my blog: myblotchyheart.blogspot.com

I also have no shop.

Blueberry Blonde said...

I appreciate the self promotion opportunity! Come visit my blog & my shop when you get a chance- it's still early days for me but we all gotta start somewhere!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the word "élan" -- so I smiled clicking on your link when I saw it on Urban Hippie's blog. I love your take on elan being Vital. It sure is! I'm enjoying the joie de vive in your posts ... thanks! Here's my little bit of paradise: