April 21, 2010

Eco-Wednesday:Sore Throat Remedy

Colds and flus always seem to strike at their worst in transitional seasons such as Spring and Autumn, don't they. If you've got a family, than even worse - once one member of your family has the cold - you are all usually doomed. There are of course healthy practices such as exercise, good nutrition, and hygiene to prevent those nasty little viruses from preying on you and your loved ones continually. But eventually, they are gonna getcha. 

Marley recently came down with a nasty sore throat and head cold, which of course as soon as she began to get better, Jeff and I picked up as well. Sore throats are probably the worst part of a cold, and I really felt for my baby girl, because other than infant motrin - I thought there was nothing I could do for her (not now, or even when she's older - children's medicines have become too suspect for me). Regular cold medicines always make my body feel weird too...

So I did some research, and created a delightful tea that is easy to make and the ingredients you are likely to have in your spice rack and refrigerator as well. It really soothes the throat for two - three hours, better than any lozenge or numbing spray I've ever tried - and it tastes yummy too! I felt so good knowing that my family was feeling better with all-natural, organic and healthy ingredients that work with our immune systems naturally. ***If you're pregnant - this is also safe for you to take, so don't suffer a minute longer!***

Here's the recipe (Per mug of tea):
Hot water
Ginger, sliced 1/4" thick, and lightly crushed (toss about 4-6 slices in depending on taste)
1 tsp anise seeds, crushed
1 tsp organic lavender flowers, crushed (you can find these in the spice aisle)
1 tbsp organic thyme or lemon thyme
1 - 2 tsp honey depending on taste
1 tsp lemon juice

Leave the ginger in the bottom of the mug, but place all seeds and herbs in a tea strainer (the clamping kind are best). Let steep at least five minutes. Remove tea strainer and ginger with a spoon. Drink and rest.

***For little ones, hot drinks are not generally a big hit, so let it cool down - while the heat is generally a soother - the natural power of these herbs and other ingredients are really what soothes. They can drink it lukewarm, tepid, or room temperature.

I'm sorry to say I haven't come up with a cure for a runny nose - other than just accepting that it's your body's way of beating the cold. It can be downright miserable though, especially when you get to a chapped nose. For that, I recommend using Organic Sleep Balm by Badger, the balm soothes your skin, and the lavender, ginger, rosemary and other essential oils really help you breathe easy. Try it as a relaxing massage on your upper chest too instead of products like Vick's VapoRub. 

Here's hoping you don't get a cold - but if you do - here's hoping this helps you this season!


Renai said...

This is my favorite method for soothing an itchy throat as well. Yum!

mumbot said...

Wow, this sounds fantastic!!!

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I recommend using Organic Sleep Balm by Badger, the balm soothes your skin, and the lavender, ginger, rosemary and other essential oils really help you breathe easy.