October 13, 2009

It Feels Good, Yeah!

Last week it got pretty busy around here in my wee world of Etsy. It also started snowing here in Bend, OR. Snow, that's right, on October 4th. I'm a California gal, so I found this to be incredibly exciting. But I must say, I'm going to have to rework the studio and move it from our attached garage to our dining room until winter's end. It was a freezing time in the studio, producing some custom orders, and packaging some great vintage finds for my dearest clients. My hands were so stiff, at one point whilst cutting the cloth - I thought there was something wrong with my Mundials. Turns out if you are actually freezing, it's likely your fingers aren't working too well.

Keeping warm by dancing and singing to the beloved Beatles while sewing (yes, it is possible!), I was able to complete and ship all orders. That's my job, right? you may be asking - why on earth is she blogging about this? Because I am starting to receive feedback from my appreciative clients who have received these items produced in the chill - and they are ecstatic! I just had to say it feels so good to make other people feel so good with the items I produce or vintage steals I find for them.

Just a positive note of thanks to all of my clients! You really keep me going - even in the chill of a freezing garage studio!

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